I (Ken) just recently returned from Germany back to the US. Our family had been awaiting our work visa in Singapore then Germany for a while last summer but to our disppointment, it was denied. We had to arrange our trips, through SIAMA, back home to the US. Internally, I felt like a failure to have to fly home. However, our family had to constantly remind ourselves that God had not closed the door, but rather said not yet. God’s plans are always done to completion according to his time schedule.

This most recent trip, again through SIAMA, to Germany was to address some visa related issues and to meet with our team in Germany. I visited various study groups lead by the pastor and visiting with students at Ruhr Universität Bochum as well as restaurant workers wanting to read the Word. It was hard returning home to Dallas but I am now back and plowing through the German work visa application process praying that God will open the door and lead us back.

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