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SIAMA stands for Society for the Interest of Active Missionaries Abroad and was founded in 1970!

SIAMA is a travel operator, which exclusively takes care of air travel for Missionaries, retired Missionaries, Non-profit Development Workers, Bible School Students, Speakers at Religious Conventions and many others who contribute to better our world society.
We are dedicated to provide you with the best possible prices and travel arrangements so that your funds can be saved as much as possible for other worthwhile matters in your Mission-Development-Charity work.

A large number of First Class Airlines, like British Airways, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss and many more, have a good heart for SIAMA because of our specific goals to serve you. They give us the opportunity to provide you not only with competitive airfares, but also with special advantages, like flexibility on tickets (date changes for free or at low cost), extra baggage allowance, low cancellation fee and a year validity on roundtrip tickets.

Especially for complicated routings and one way tickets you will notice SIAMA can offer you very advantageous prices. Therefore when you have a special routing or request (more luggage allowance, flexible tickets), we are specialized to assist you and can save you the hassle to browse for all sorts of flight booking websites to find the best rates. It is our Mission to help Missionaries!

If you are in need for air travel, give us a chance to surprise you!
Contact us either by email ( or fill in our SIAMA fare finder on our website or facebook. For our members we also offer the possibility to find special Missionary fares online.

Do not hesitate to contact us. You will receive a full reply from us within one working day with all the flight possibilities and prices by email.

With kind regards,

Els Langezaal-Sipkema

Leiden, 20 april 2016

Dear SIAMA Members and Friends,

As from 1st January 2015 SIAMA has started with the SIAMA's Commitment to Contribute Program for SIAMA members. Every SIAMA member who has booked flights with SIAMA in 2015 automatically receives bonus points, which can be used for reduction on air tickets in the future or members can save the bonus points for a future gift to your Mission or one of the three charities SIAMA will choose for 2015/2016.

The value of each bonus point depends on the extras SIAMA receives from the airlines. As SIAMA operates non-profit, we like to give the bonus amounts of the airlines to our members. The Airlines base these extra's mainly on the amount of tickets SIAMA has issued during a period of time. The more Missionaries worldwide book with SIAMA the more bonus points can be accumulated. The value of the bonus points will be determined each half year with retroactive effect.

We are happy to inform you that as per 1 January 2016 the value of each point is fixed at EUR 0,50.

On each order-form that you receive from us you can find the pending and earned balance of your bonus points. Once you make a new booking with SIAMA you can choose to continue to save bonus points for the future or immediately redeem the points for discount on your new trip.

If you are curious to know how many bonus points you have saved so far, please contact us for this information. For further details please see conditions SIAMA bonus points on our website. We are pleased to see more and more people undertaking Mission trips and Volunteer work abroad or visiting family and relatives in the field. SIAMA feels privileged to be part of this wonderful work and we are happy to contribute, although in a small way, to save you more money on air travel or sponsor in a way your Mission or one of the three charities with their project.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.

With kind regards,
The SIAMA team