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Dear SIAMA Members and Friends,
We have the pleasure to present our SIAMA Yearbook 2015.
As it is SIAMA's Mission to Serve Those Who Serve, for already 45 years, we would like to express our gratitude for choosing SIAMA in your travel arrangements.

In this yearbook the emphasis lays on the innovation of SIAMA's services to enhance the (new) benefits of being a SIAMA member, the ability to share your experiences of the missionary field with SIAMA and on getting to know the SIAMA Team better. If you are curious to read about all the features of our Yearbook, please visit the
Download page

In addition, do feel free to contact us anytime and ask SIAMA for a price quotation for your future travel plans. You can either make use of our newly operational Online Booking System which SIAMA especially developed for you, fill in the fare finder on the website or send a personal email with your desired itinerary and travel dates.

We will reply you within one working day and offer you the best possible tailor-made travel itineraries at advantageous prices.

We hope you enjoy reading the SIAMA Yearbook 2015 and we are looking forward to read your experiences in the missionary field and your feed-back on the survey.

With kind regards,
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SIAMA Survey
17 March 2015:
As our mission is to Serve Those Who Serve, we need to know and assess your wishes, demands and honesty about your satisfaction by booking your flights through SIAMA.
This way we become more capable to meet your demands and give more meaning to the SIAMA membership for you.
Therefore we would like to invite you to participate in our short survey to enquire your satisfaction of SIAMA’s services.

If you want to participate in this survey, which would take 10 minutes of your time, please visit:
our Survey Page
We would like to thank you in advance and let you know that we will appreciate any comment or advise you give us. This way we will be able to implement your suggestions.

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