SIAMA Membership

We invite you to become a member of our SIAMA Community!

How does it work?

SIAMA is a Society and not a regular travel agency. We do not see you as one of our customers, but as one of our partners in the missionary and non-profit development field! Therefore we invite you to become a member of our SIAMA Community!

However, you do not need to become a member to request information or a price quotation from us!  This membership is solely a requirement for travelling with us, as we are a non-profit society and as our contracts with the airlines are based on these memberships.

Only in the booking phase (IV) when you accept your final price request, you become a SIAMA-Member instantly!

Individual membership

Individual membership has a 3 year validity per individual, couple or family)


Group membership

Many Mission Organizations have a group membership with SIAMA! This way you are eligible to travel under their group membership! This means you don’t have to pay the extra fee for your individual travels with SIAMA. Please ask us, or your organization if if htey hold a group membership.

SIAMA group membership for organizations with  < 100 members

(3 year validity)


SIAMA group membership for organizations with > 100 members

(3 year validity)


Please note:
You do not need to be a member to request information or a price quotation from us!

Once you book your flights for the first time with SIAMA, the membership fee will be automatically charged on the invoice together with your tickets. This way, by booking through SIAMA, we can achieve better fares and condition for Missionaries worldwide! Interested? Become a member of the SIAMA community asap! We look forward to becoming your missionary partner!

‘Re-unite with each other! You know that colleague/friend of 10 years ago, look for him/her on the internet and no excuses and don’t wait for the invitation – make new memories today!’


Travel Consultant

Please be aware that our services are also available to direct family members visiting you. They can contact us directly!



What our clients say about us: 

“SIAMA always provide friendly and professional help quickly. They save so much time. I have sometimes spent hours online doing my own research and found SIAMA’s quotes were some of the top offers.”

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