Group Travel Flight Tickets (10+)

SIAMA World Mission Travel also offers you customized air travel for groups or conferences! Booking these tickets differs distinctively from booking individual air tickets. Therefore we are happy to assist you!

SIAMA offers air travel for groups and conferences:

  • Church groups
  • Missions trips
  • Student groups
  • School trips
  • Musical groups/ orchestra’s/ choirs
  • Sport groups
  • Volunteer groups
  • Family groups and many more..

Advantages of SIAMA air travel for groups


Group airfares are available for 10 or more passengers travelling together on (at least one) the same flights on the same dates.


We can request group fares at almost all airlines around the world (not only the ones we have special missionary/humanitarian contracts with).


We negotiate for quotes on group tickets with the airlines directly. These fares are not available on online booking sites.


From and to every location in the world, or around the world, we search for the best solution for your group.


We can book group flights up to eleven months before departure.


We do not need the names of the passengers to make a reservation.

How does it work?

Please provide us with the essential information for a group fare quotation, i.e.:

  • Number of passengers (approximately)
  • Departure date (approximately)
  • Return date (approximately)
  • Desired Routing

Interested in our group travel service??

Wait no longer and request a quote here via the web form or send us an email ! At SIAMA we value personal contact so we can proactively respond to your needs and interests in group travel! For your group flights, the SIAMA Team negotiate special fares with the airlines directly, as these fares are not available on online booking sites.

We like to know the flexibility on dates and cities when you request a quotation, that way we can check the best fares available for you!


Travel Consultant

Do you want to make use of our services?
Or would you like to attain more information about our services?
Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Conference travel
(are complicated group tickets)

Conference travel means that a group of people travel to the same destination, but have different itineraries. These differences can be various things, like departure- and or arrival dates, city (or even country) of departure.

Arranging air tickets for the visitors of a conference can be challenging. Rest assured that we take these concerns out of your hands, saving you time and money!

How do we assist you?

  • We will compare all available options for each passenger!
  • A combination of group and individual tickets can be the best solution for your conference!
  • Just let us know your needs and we will start searching!

Are you in need of fares for a group or conference travel? Do not hesitate to contact us(link) for fares or additional questions! We look forward to hearing from you either via the web form (link), Facebook or by sending us an e-mail! If you want more information about this specialized service we offer to you, please check out our individual website for group travel (, where you can find all the essential information as well as a group airfare checklist, tips and the group request form.!

Different dates can also mean cheaper fares. To make sure you will get the best and cheapest fare and route available let us know in your email (request) if you are flexible. We will do our utmost for you.


Travel Consultant

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What our clients say about us: 

“Great help from great people! Always looking for the best solution for your trip. Very helpful for large groups, but also for an individual.”

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