Introducing the SIAMA Team

Allow us to introduce ourselves, by telling you why we love the work we do!

‘To make sure that our friends obtain the tickets with the best conditions and fares possible. Because working in aviation never gets boring!’


Travel consultant, since 2005

‘I am working for SIAMA, because I love helping people with their travel around the world and to get them to a place somewhere in the world for the best price and via the best route(s). And especially assist them with things where other agencies cannot assist them.’


Travel consultant, since 2013

’It is a nice workplace, with varied work and it’s nice to mean something to people who serve others.’


Financial administrator, since 2000 & travel consultant, since 2009

‘The ‘good feeling’ and the
diversity of the job.’


Travel consultant, since 2003

‘I love the work we do, to mean something for the missionaries who are dedicating their life to educate others.’


Travel consultant since 2000

‘Since SIAMA is not a regular travel agency, it is a big challenge for me to develop tailor made automated systems which help my colleagues Serving those who Serve even better. It’s SIAMA’s Mission that decided me to stay after my internship.’


ICT expert, since 2006

It is truly a blessing to be able to assist all Missionaries worldwide for already 39 years now. I joined SIAMA when I was 18 years’ old and I still enjoy every day. I am grateful to all our members giving us the opportunity to serve them with their travel arrangements already since 1970!   


Travel consultant, since 1983; President, since 2009

‘Missionaries and development workers, who have travelled with SIAMA,have shared
experiences in their travels and projects. Which experience has touched you the most?’

‘An experience of one of our SIAMA Members touched me greatly when I was a trainee. I namely worked with SIAMA during the period SARS was spreading to be a life-threatening epidemic. Knowing families were waiting for days on airports with lack of information, just waiting helpless, was a great motivation to do the work we do every day.’


Travel Consultant

‘It is always lovely to hear about the many projects our friends help with and organize. As a mum, I love projects involving the work with and for children. For example the You Have Got Talent project, arranged by Mr Tim Patton from WEC.’


Travel Consultant

‘Small as it may be, but somebody gave us a picture of SIAMA’s Delft blue style calendar which was hung up in a small cabin in the middle of Africa. It gave me the feeling SIAMA really is all around the world: Serving those who Serve. I have placed this photo on my notice board and it stayed there ever since.’


ICT Expert

‘I had the opportunity to visit Jolanda Kuiphof (Stichting Baraka) who is working with street boys in the Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya. It was overwhelming to see the reality of missionary life and it made my admiration for people leaving their country to help the less fortunate even greater.’


Financial administrator

SIAMA Children Namibia (SCN)

SIAMA Children Namibia (SCN) is a Dutch foundation dedicated to the underprivileged children in

What our clients say about us: 

“SIAMA wil always bend over backwards to find the most practical travel solution and they are fantastic at supporting ministry workers and their families.”

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