Skyteam Missionary fares

The Skyteam Missionary fares are exclusively meant for Missionaries and therefore there is a possibility the airline will ask for proof of your eligibility for these tickets.

Make sure you have proof with you when you travel.

The Fare rules reads as follows:

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Members/employees of bona fide missionary organizations spouse and children/infants when accompanying member or employee.
Passengers must be able to provide at any time of their journey non-profit identification id. or original certificate of membership of a missionary church organization or original letter of mission on letterhead of the missionary church organization
Any passenger travelling with this fare must be compliant with the eligibility and must be able
to produce any of the documents previously specified at any timeof the journey. if not a fare adjustment will be applied.
Proof of eligibility must be presented at time of  audit. Proof of eligibility produced after that time will not accepted.
Family members /children less than 12 or less 18 if dependents/ travelling with members/employees
must provide a family registration book or any other official document proving their family tie.
Any passenger travelling on a airfrance-klm missionary fare who cannot produce any of the documents previously specified at any time of their journey will be denied bording.
Following document should also be presented letter – on company letter headed paper only – in english or a pdf copy of stated letter of mission from the non profit organization or pdf version on smartphone / tablet / laptop which contains the following informations

passenger name
date of travel

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