Greetings and blessings from Japan! We are New Life Ministries, a Bible and Gospel literature print ministry based outside of Toko. We will be in the Netherlands in April to attend the EMDC. If you will be there, we would love to meet with you! Just look for our booth with the ‘Manga Bible’ sign.  We will have free time on the 10th and 11th to connect with ministries in the Netherlands who work both for the Netherlands and internationally in some capacity with reaching people with the Gospel through Christian literature. If that’s your ministry, we would love to connect with you and see how we can partner for God’s Kingdom! Please see the attached digital brochure for some of the resources we can offer.  We look forward to hearing from you. God bless! Blessings! Tyler Rhodes Global Projects Coordinator New Life Ministries 170 Kumai, Hatoyama Machi Saitama Ken 350-0303 Japan p: +81 49-296-0727 Website: Facebook: NLM_brochure_2018  
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