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Please know that my thoughts remain with you during this challenging time posed by the outbreak of COVID-19. I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are able to provide answers to the obstacles you encounter and remain healthy and strong.

With regards to air travel, it still is a hectic time. Flights remain cancelled and airports are closing down, one after the other. A chaotic situation for everyone. Fortunately many people made it home in time and I am grateful SIAMA was able to contribute to this.

As a consequence SIAMA had some rewarding, but busy weeks. And if not challenging enough, among staff, some fell ill (not related to Corona), some are taking care of sick family, and others are in addition to their work, teaching their kids from home. To say the least, the current time affects all of our daily routines.

For non-urgent matters, I kindly ask your understanding for the possibility that we cannot guarantee our usual reply time of one working day. In this situation, we may take two working days to answer your email.
Please be assured that if you have an urgent request, SIAMA will always attend to this straight away, so that you are guaranteed of a reply from us the same day (do take possible time difference in consideration).
As many people worldwide, our staff works at home.
To keep assisting you in the coming time, our working hours have been adjusted. We will attend to your emails every day as usual.

Our phone hours have been changed to 09.00 – 11.00 hours + 14.00 – 16.00 hours (local Dutch time, UTC+2).

I do want to make use of the current situation to reflect on our services. This way we can prepare ourselves for what is to come when international air travel will become “normal” again or will also function differently, who knows.

The question we are going to pose ourselves is the following: How can we improve or adjust our daily work to provide you with optimum service in your air travel requirements after the Corona Crisis? Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

Stay safe and we look forward to serving you at any time convenient for you, now or in the (near) future.

May He guide, strengthen and give you wisdom in these uncertain times.

With kind regards,

Els Langezaal- Sipkema 
President SIAMA World Mission Travel

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