Our trip with Siama was for 3 weeks only to the nation we previously served long term. Trinidad and Tobago. We had to take care of some papers and stuff but as it often is with ABBA, His ways are different than our ways, His thoughts different than ours too.

We flew from Amsterdam through Newark to Port of Spain (A long but great journey) We were informed in Newark that one of our suitcases got damaged and they told us to report it at our Final destination. Which we did. The joke was that we really had to look twice and search…”where did the suitcase got damaged?” As we inspected with glasses on, we discovered it was on the small suitcase of our 8 year old. A small crack, which we could easily tape with some ducktape. BUT God, had a different plan.

As we collected our suitcases in Trinidad we were given a paper to sign that they damaged our suitcase and we received a BRAND NEW suitcase. In the color red, much nicer and a way better quality than our own one, collected with points by Albert Heijn.

Immediately I had to think of the Blood of Jesus and how I did not even know the crack was there…but He did, and so others saw it… I told the lady att the counter in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Miss God wants to heal your heart, only the Blood of Jesus can do it, when He is interested in giving me a new suitcase, HOW MUCH MORE is He interested in giving you a new heart and heal the hearts of the people of this nation…

Needless to say we both had tears rolling down our faces…

But that was not it… immediately I was reminded of the landing time of 4:37 AM it should have been 4:56 AM, big deal you might say, but YES to me it was. A lot of times God does things upside down, different than expected and here.Crying with my new airline friend in Port of Spain, Immediately I was reminded of Psalm 37:4 When you DELIGHT yourself in the Lord, He Will give you the Desires of your Heart.

I told her, Miss, Our basic needs are covered once we belong to Him, now the Upgrade is…once we delight ourselves in Him, He Will give us the Desires of our Hearts…

 So for us, SIAMA and SIAMA Friends, this flight was a GREAT DELIGHT 😉

Thank you so much, and a special thanks for Nicolien, who stood with us during the moments, where we did not even know yet if all the funds would come in, you girl are AMAZING!




Astrid and Family

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