Latest update Covid-19 development

As we continue to observe Covid-19 developments, we are now at a point that the impact is felt worldwide. We pray for all people that are sick, or otherwise affected by the Corona Virus.

We are in this together.  Your health and safety are important to us and your safe journey is our priority.

The airlines and governments are updating their policies daily.

We have gathered the most important and trustworthy websites for you. Here you can find information about your specific situation, airline or destination.

Visit the website of IATA for a list of Government measures related to Coronavirus per country.

They also have a travelers FAQ page.

The website of CIBT Visas you can also find a list of countries with information on entry restrictions.

For more information on the Coronavirus you can visit the website of the World Health Oganisation.

Websites of our major Airlines


Air France


Lufthansa Group

Air Canada

American Airlines

British Airways


Qatar Airways


United Airlines

If you need more information or you have a new request,  you can send us an email.

Please be assured that the SIAMA team will do everything possible to provide you with the best possible support.

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