Dear Missionary, member,

It is a pleasure to connect with you again since I last wrote to you end of October last year. I hope you and your family are doing well despite the pandemic. In this post I would like to share with you how my travel plans were affected by the pandemic and I will give you some useful recommendations on how to travel in the current uncertain times.
The virus variant Omicron made its way throughout the world. Much more contagious but fortunately not as fierce as the Delta variant. Luckily the current overall international travelling situation still seems relatively stable. I do have the feeling that I have lived in a sort of daze for the past two years, as if time seems to have passed very quickly. Maybe you recognize this as well? I could not say whether it is due to the many lockdowns and other way of life. My heart goes out to the younger generation especially as this must be very difficult for them.

Due to the Omicron variant, I also had to postpone my visit to the Children’s home in Namibia (SIAMA Children Namibia). The Omicron variant was first discovered in South Africa and the nearby countries were suddenly closed down for travel straight away. I had been looking forward to this trip for over a year with the persisting past Corona restrictions and it really brought my spirits down!

Nevertheless this was a good experience for me as well as I was able to step in some of your shoes, with your trips being postponed or not being able to take place at all. Some way or another we all have to deal with these kind of things and I am just thankful that we can connect better globally than in the past via digital devices and that the general travelling situation seems to move forward, although it is a very slow process. God willing, I will visit the Children’s home in August this year.


I have added some pictures ffrom Mrs. Betty Ruygrok and me visiting SIAMA Children Namibia in 2016.

SCN visit 2016
In our next newsletter you will find a selection of personal experiences and tips of your fellow Missionaries who recently travelled through SIAMA. Not only did I felt joy reading your stories, but it also helped me and our team understanding the issues that you are facing. We think this information can benefit other SIAMA members with future travel plans.

For now it looks like many countries accept the fact that the Corona virus will remain part of our lives, whilst they make long-term plans and policies to live and cope with this. More and more countries will probably decide to make travel to their country more accessible. I look forward to obtain more news on this soon and hopefully travel will be easier in the near future.

I would like to close my letter with some useful recommendations for your future travel plans:
  • Airlines schedule more and more flights especially for the summer period so prospects for carefree travel to and from your Mission projects/organization look positive. However always keep in mind sudden situations can still occur.
  • Remember it may be wise to schedule your flights on a week-day, so that you easily can make changes (for tests etc.) should this become necessary.
  • Also still remember to check regularly the Corona restrictions, especially shorter before your departure, to make sure nothing has changed. The best information is always with the government sites or embassies (check departure-transit and destination countries).

SIAMA is committed to assist you and take your personal situation and travel requirements into account, so we can make your plans and travel easier where we can. Also please take a look at this useful webpage with information about travel during Covid-19.

May God bless you and assist you in realizing your goals. I look forward to serving you in the near future.

Els Langezaal- Sipkema
President SIAMA World Mission Travel

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