Aviation is slowly improving and most airlines have adapted to the new situation with Corona. This is now a continuing positive process. The operation of flights depend on the situation of Covid-19 in your country of origin/destination. It seems however more and more countries are opening their airports again (a.o. African countries).Of course it depends on where you are in the world if things are really improving. Now in the Netherlands (and most countries in Europe), we have to deal with the so-called 2nd wave. Mainly younger people are now infected and have few symptoms. They however transmit the virus within the population (also the elderly)  quickly and hospitals get overloaded again. Many people are doing a great job worldwide on many different fronts. Let’s pray and hope things will change for the better soon.
Travel is still allowed though with special conditions, so always check the Corona conditions directly with your government site or embassy. They will have the latest information for you. Remember to do this regularly and also shortly before departure so that you can minimize sudden surprises. Many flights are still subject to change, even if you have already booked and paid for your flights, airlines can still cancel or change their schedules due to new Corona situations. If this will happen we will assist you to rebook the flights to the next available flights or if not convenient for you, we can check other alternative options/airlines for you. We will help you with this process. Go to SIAMA Covid-19 (Corona virus) advice for international travelers to find relevant information and websites. If you have any information for us which can help other missionaries with their planning on travel or events you like to share or websites you think is worthwhile for others to read, please do not hesitate to contact us on that. If you need to travel soon, just mail us with your required travel itinerary and dates and we will check our cheapest (and most convenient) options for you. In general we advise you to book flights as directly as possible from one country into the other. If you you wish to book flights well in advance, it may be wise to book flights on major airlines as finances can be troublesome for the smaller airlines in due time. 
I wish you faith, strength, patience and good luck during these hard times and look forward to hearing from you soon. With kind regards, The SIAMA TEAM Els Langezaal- Sipkema President SIAMA World Mission Travel
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